A.T. Testimonials

"Alexander Technique lessons with Charlie have been life changing! I went for lessons to improve my posture, but it has permeated all other aspects of my life. Charlie has taught me that I have choices about the way I use my body in my everyday life and that the ways in which I use it will affect not only my posture, but my mood, my energy and my outlook on life. I am so grateful to have discovered the Alexander Technique through Charlie’s excellent tuition." H.R.

"My neck isn't hurting!!!! Thank you so so much." S.V.

"Sessions with Charlie guided my body to re-remember a way of standing and moving in the world with a sense of flow, support and grace which I didn't even know I had, much less did I know that it is my natural state! Charlie's gentle, humourous and masterful teaching style inspired me to learn joyfully, making Alexander Technique seem more like applied magic than a technique. Half a year later, I still practise, apply and think about what I learned every day, and I am left eager to explore more. " S.H.

“My experience of Charlie's lessons is that he has embodied the Alexander Technique to such a degree that it is no longer a technique - more a transmission. I used to have much weakness in the middle part of my body and it would take great effort not to slouch - whereas now I can access the Alexander 'state' - a place of relaxed presence - and my body re-organises itself without effort. It feels so wonderful to know that a natural state of freedom and ease is within reach as an everyday experience.” E.M.

"Since working each week with Charlie I have come to rely on leaving my lesson with a feeling of complete bliss." C.J.


  •  Swimming lessons I've currently got a space for one to one swimming lessons in Bittaford, near Ivybridge on a Friday.  Have a look at the Swimming page if you are interested and please get in touch as soon as possible as there's only one space left.
  • Rediscover Running for Pleasure -  2020 in Dartington - dates to be confirmed
    A weekly running group over 4 weeks on the beautiful Dartington Estate to cover the basics of running for pleasure off road. Re-discover running for the pure joy of moving your body, getting yourself back in touch with how your body is designed to move, rather than running for ego or competition.    
    This weekly group is aimed principally at those who are new to running regularly and for runners who struggle to find the pleasure of running freely. You will discover how to:
    • Run in a way that doesn’t hurt you
    • Run the way nature intended for greater ease, efficiency and grace
    • Develop better coordination and posture
    • Turn running into a truly health generating activity
    • Attain greater joy and fun!
    Fridays at 4 - 5pm (dates to be confirmed).  £50 for all four sessions. In order to take part I suggest your fitness be at a level where you would be happy and able to complete a 5 mile walk in the Devon countryside in about 2 hours.
    Contact me if you’re interested in joining a group like this.

Run and Swim Testimonials

“I had been running for over 40 years before contacting Charlie as I had reached the stage where I either had to pack in running completely or change my running style as my knees were troubling me after every run. I’m so glad I found Charlie as after a few lessons I am a totally different runner with no knee issues. He has given me a massive upsurge in motivation to run and my knees are no longer an issue even running on a daily basis. I’m lighter on my feet and feel 20 years younger. His lessons are a mine of information, great fun and nothing seems too much trouble to him. I highly recommend him. My extreme thanks go to Charlie.” P. H.

"These swimming lessons with Charlie Loram are fabulous! They have helped relieve chronic muscle stiffness, and back and joint pain – I feel I can swim with style and technique which supports the welbeing of my whole body, as well as having gained valuable understanding about how to avoid injury and conserve my energy. It’s a joy to be swimming again – I’d forgotten how much I loved it! Thank you Charlie!” L.G.

"After two running lessons with Charlie I notice that I am lighter on my feet and I seem to run faster with less time in contact with the ground. I now feel energised after running and I am amazed by the transformed experience. I thoroughly recommend lessons with Charlie if you want to discover how the Alexander Technique can be applied to improve your running performance and enjoyment. His teaching is fun, clear and observant." R.R.

"My swimming felt totally effortless and delicious. Thank you so much. You are such a great teacher... great balance of warmth, caring and supportive 'you can' approach. So pleased I found you." K.C.

"This is the longest run I have done in 3 years and it was pain free thanks to the tuition of Charlie Loram! Thank you Charlie!" S.V.

"Charlie is an extremely skilled, positive and caring swimming coach. If you are interested improving your swimming and leaning Shaw method swimming stokes I would strongly recommend that you contact Charlie." R.A.