Alexander Technique testimonials

“Sessions with Charlie guided my body to re-remember a way of standing and moving in the world with a sense of flow, support and grace which I didn’t even know I had, much less did I know that it is my natural state! Charlie’s gentle, humourous and masterful teaching style inspired me to learn joyfully, making Alexander Technique seem more like applied magic than a technique. Half a year later, I still practise, apply and think about what I learned every day, and I am left eager to explore more. ” Sarah H.

“Just to say yesterday’s lesson was totally brilliant. A life changer.” Yasmine K.

“I had a few Alexander Technique lessons in my late teens at the behest of my mum, but although I found it interesting and could see it was a ‘good’ thing to do, the lessons also left me confused and unable to see how the technique could be integrated into everyday life. So I shelved the ideas and didn’t think much more about it. Fast-forward a couple of decades and I’m in my early 40s. I had become increasingly round shouldered and increasingly frustrated by my husband reminding me to ‘sit up straight’. My frustration stemmed from the niggling feeling that just pulling my shoulders back and ‘sitting up straight’ wasn’t a long-term solution. Then, by chance I read an article about the Alexander Technique and had a light bulb moment, which ultimately led me to contact Charlie Loram.
I started Alexander Technique lessons with Charlie and I can honestly say that the experience has been life changing (and I don’t say that lightly!). I went for lessons to improve my posture, but it has permeated many, maybe all, other aspects of my life. It feels like I’m on a path that is both beneficial and really interesting.  The thoughtful approach of the Alexander Technique allows me to be more aware of what my body is telling me, cope better with daily stresses and therefore be more mindful of my own well being. It has all but cleared a longstanding pain in my hip and general aches in my back and shoulders have reduced. My running has improved and my enjoyment of both running and walking has increased, though I already really enjoyed both! Charlie has taught me that I have choices about the way I use my body in my everyday life and that the ways in which I use it will affect not only my posture but my mood, my energy and my outlook on life. I am gradually learning an array of techniques or tools, which allow me to choose the best ways; and if for any reason I don’t, those same tools will get me back on track. It’s not a quick fix or a panacea, but I am so grateful to have rediscovered the Alexander Technique through Charlie’s excellent tuition and am fascinated to see where my Alexander journey will take me next.” Hannah R.

“My neck isn’t hurting!!!! Thank you so so much.” Susie V

“My experience of Charlie’s lessons is that he has embodied the Alexander Technique to such a degree that it is no longer a technique – more a transmission. Over the fifteen or so lessons that I have had my body has been ‘reminded’ of its natural way of being. I used to have much weakness in the middle part of my body and it would take great effort not to slouch – whereas now I can access the Alexander ‘state’ – a place of relaxed presence – and my body re-organises itself without effort. Not only is the practice itself deeply relaxing to body and mind but it feels so wonderful to know that a natural state of freedom and ease is within reach as an everyday experience.” Emma M.

“My body loves your work. Many thanks for your wonderful lessons.” Donna M.

“Since working each week with Charlie I have come to rely on leaving my lesson with a feeling of complete bliss which is enough to make it worthwhile in itself!  But also I am slowly building familiarity with some very useful self-help tools.  For example when driving, I become aware of the tension in my hands, jaw, neck, and feet and I say to myself, ‘My neck is free’, and soften my touch on the wheel and foot pedals and my breathing changes for the better, my eyes relax and I notice I’m more calm and hopefully driving better. Then when lying down after gardening or lunch I become aware that I’m obsessing about some thought or other and I give myself the same direction, ‘My neck is free’, and notice how my mind stills and my jaw and belly soften. These are small moments that improve the quality of each day.” Claire J.

“Thank you for my session yesterday – they are always so inspiring.” J.G.

Shaw Method Swimming testimonials

“These swimming lessons with Charlie Loram are fabulous! They have helped relieve chronic muscle stiffness, back and joint pain – I feel I can swim with style and technique which supports the welbeing of my whole body, as well as having gained valuable understanding about how to avoid injury and conserve my energy. It’s a joy to be swimming again – I’d forgotten how much I loved it! Thank you Charlie” Leonie G.

“I had my first sea swim of the summer today and my swimming felt totally effortless and delicious. Thank you so much. I am learning so much about myself physically and mentally and this is helping my (Alexander) teaching…. and you are such a great teacher… great balance of warmth, caring and supportive ‘you can’ approach. So pleased I found you.” Kay C.

“Charlie is an extremely skilled, positive and caring swimming coach. If you are interested improving your swimming and leaning Shaw method swimming stokes I would strongly recommend that you contact Charlie. Swimming has always been a favourite activity for me and an important source of exercise however in recent years I have found that it was aggravating the arthritis in my knees. Thanks to Charlie’s inspirational teaching I can now swim the Shaw method breaststroke which has a much lower impact on my joints and I am now back swimming several times a week.” Roger A.

“Charlie gives clear and precise instructions breaking every stroke into small steps, so that you can easily absorb this. For best results like learning anything new, it’s important to regularly practice in between lessons for best progression. Charlie is very patient and is very flexible to every learning need.” Neal F.

Art of Running testimonials

“I had been running for over 40 years before contacting Charlie as I had reached the stage where I either had to pack in running completely or change my running style as my knees were troubling me after every run. I’m so glad I found Charlie as after a few lessons  I am a totally different runner with no knee issues. He has given me a massive upsurge in motivation to run and my knees are no longer an issue even running on a daily basis. I’m lighter on my feet and feel 20 years younger. His lessons are a mine of information, great fun and nothing seems too much trouble to him. I highly recommend him. My extreme thanks go to Charlie.” Pete H.

“I lead an active lifestyle enjoying cycling, mountain walking, kayaking and sea swimming. I want to do more running to increase my general fitness and for cross-training. But I find running unenjoyable and “heavy” resulting in my lower back aching afterwards. This has not been motivating to do more. I have enjoyed two running lessons with Alexander Technique instruction from Charlie. Some small adjustments and new thinking in running activity have already transformed my experience. I notice that i am lighter on my feet and I seem to run faster with less time in contact with the ground. Charlie helped me discover that my habit was to “sit” down into my pelvis when running and this was the cause of my aching lower back. I now feel energised after running and I am amazed by the transformed experience. FITBIT measurements have shown a significantly increased cardiovascular workout over a shorter time period than before. I thoroughly recommend lessons with Charlie if you want to discover how the Alexander Technique can be applied to improve your running performance and enjoyment. His teaching is fun, clear and observant.” Rebecca R.

“I’ve found Charlie to be clear, understanding, intelligent and intuitive. He has certainly helped me with excess tension, made me more aware of my misuse, and in the process improved my running.” Ged F.

“I’ve just got back from an amazing run up Meldon and back again. So invigorating in the wind and rain. I was bouncing along in my glorious boingy body – Hurrah!!! This is the longest run I have done in 3 years and it was pain free thanks to the tuition of Charlie Loram. Thank you Charlie!” Susie V.