No matter what your age or running ability, everyone can benefit from Alexander Technique running lessons.

Just got back from an amazing run! This is the longest run I have done in 3 years and it was pain free thanks to your tuition! Thank you Charlie!!! S.V.

That running lesson was brilliant! I feel inspired again. I’m practicing and enjoying my new turbo feeling! No aches or grumbles! Feet don’t seem to spend anytime on the ground. R.R.

I had been running for over 40 years before contacting Charlie as I had reached the stage where I either had to pack in running completely or change my running style as my knees were troubling me after every run.
I’m so glad I found Charlie as after a few lessons  I am a totally different runner with no knee issues.
He has given me a massive upsurge in motivation to run and my knees are no longer an issue even running on a daily basis.
I’m lighter on my feet and feel 20 years younger.
His lessons are a mine of information, great fun and nothing seems too much trouble to him.
I highly recommend him. My extreme thanks go to Charlie. 

When you apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to your running you run with respect for your evolutionary design, whether that’s running for the bus or 3 hours into a mountain marathon.

You will learn how to:

  • Significantly lessen the likelihood of injury
  • Enhance your performance – speed, distance, form and efficiency
  • Develop better coordination and posture
  • Turn running into a truly health generating activity
  • Attain greater joy and fun


“The Art of Running is to be found in the process – in the act itself. The beauty of this art is that it can be recreated in every step. The past doesn’t matter, its the next step that counts…”  –   Malcolm Balk, The Art of Running


I have trained with Alexander teacher, Malcolm Balk, one of the world’s leading running technique coaches and Competitive Masters runner, to become an Art of Running instructor. The Art of Running is about the process, the journey. It is not a one size fits all, “this is how it’s done” method, but rather a mindful, learning, adapting and ever improving approach.

In one-to-one lessons you will learn SMART running:

S – Skillful: run with good form and efficiency

M – Mindful: run with flow and ease; in the zone

A – Athletic: access your inner spring, strength and resilience

R – Re-creational: real rejuvenation of body and mind

T – Transferable: effortless poise in running becomes effortless posture for life

The effect of  lessons is cumulative. Occasionally a single lesson can illuminate the critical shift needed to transform your running, but most of the time a series of lessons is necessary for you to reach your goals. With this in mind I recommend new running clients come for three initial sessions:

In Session 1 we will discuss your running history and goals. We’ll head outside and after a quick warm up I will film you running. Having observed how you walk and run we will work on some new strategies together to find greater efficiency and ease in your running.

Session 2 will be conducted mainly indoors so we can look at improving your dynamic posture in everyday activities. How skillfully you coordinate yourself for 95% of the day will have a massive effect on how well you run. We will incorporate these ideas into some running drills.

Session 3: We will go for a gentle run together to consolidate what you have learnt and to see which areas might need some additional input so that you can continue to improve.

How much do lessons cost?

A single one-to-one session (1 hour) for purposes of assessment and recommendations is £45.

The 3 session package (recommended above) is available for the discounted  price of £125 (saving you £10)

You don’t need to decide in advance how many lessons you want; we can work that out together when you come to your first session.


I also offer small group sessions, talks and workshops. Contact me for further information.